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How to play Cooking Fever "correctly" | yyrGames THE CASINO. So you're sitting on tons of coins, but gems are nowhere to be found. Oh look, there's a casino. It only contains a single slot machine, but we'll call it a casino anyway. The purpose of the casino is to convert all of those worthless coins into actual, valuable gems. You have the option of spending 100, 200, or 500 coins on a spin. Cooking Fever - The Ultimate Strategy Guide | Noodle Arcade You'll need many more coins if you're trying to win every 12 hours (between 25,000 and 80,000 coins to hit 15 gems a second time). Visit the Cooking Fever - How To Get More Gems for details. It is harder to earn the daily casino gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials. Other ways to get gems - Cooking Fever Answers for iPhone ... So, I just live with it. I just wish that ever so often, one of those other rewards came up. Anyway, I personally will save up about 100,000 coins, then go to the casino and just roll over and over until I get the 15 gems. Then I just leave the casino and go back later in the day, or just play again the next day.

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My favorite game!! Very addictive, i play it all the time, i have just 7 restaurants , 2 with 3 stars in all the levels, take some time, if you need gain exp. more fast play the breakfast cafe restauran (level 30 or more) and Sushi restaurante (level 30 or more) , play in the casino every 12 hours ($500) and you would get 15 gems, so in one day you can get just in the casino 30 gems, plus if Cooking Fever. How to win Gems in the Casino 2019 #39 How to win 15 gems in the Casino in Cooking Fever.. 1. Click the Casino to open it. 2. Click the 500 bet button. 3. Close the Casino by pressing the ‘x’ button BEFORE the wheels stop turning. 4. Open the Casino and repeat steps 2 and 3 until you win the gems..

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Advantages of our tool for cooking fever gems casino. 2019 tool updated Obtain cooking fever free gems 2019 after update. Our Tool has been tested after new updates ... Learn how to get unlimited gems in cooking fever 2019 by clicking button on top of our site. You decide how many gems or coins You want to add. You can stop by adding 100 gems ...